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Tiegan, Michael, Elizabeth and Raymond (P7) talk to Douglas Blane about what they like and dislike about living in Scotland

Tiegan, Michael, Elizabeth and Raymond (P7) talk to Douglas Blane about what they like and dislike about living in Scotland

Tiegan: The worst thing is the weather. It's usually raining. I don't like the rain.

Michael: And there's no beach. Well, there is but it takes you two hours to get there. It's closer if you're on holiday. I like the sand.

Tiegan: I like running through the water in welly boots. I wouldn't go in with my bare feet. There's wee seaweed things that stick to your feet.

Elizabeth: I was stung once by a jellyfish. It was a baby jellyfish so my toe didn't swell up. But walking back to the apartment was really sore. I can go to the seaside now, but only if I know there's no jellyfish.

Michael: If you're scared of jellyfish, they have flags that mean it's safe.

Tiegan: What holiday have you been on? - cos I've never seen flags.

Michael: They have flags that mean danger and other flags that mean it's safe.

Raymond: What are you talking about? The jellyfish have flags?

Michael: Naaw. There's a big flag at the beach and red means danger and green means it's OK. Well, it does in Mexico. That's where we went.

Elizabeth: There's a place I go called Rothesay. You go to Wemyss Bay on the

train, then you get a ferry. There's a wee cafe that sells ice cream and a bit of everything. It's cheap and so's the swimming and the hotels. There's also Millport.

Tiegan: You get to cycle around Millport.

Raymond: I broke my bike once. I rammed it into my mum's car, by mistake. I'd just learned how to do it and I wasn't good at turning. So I saw this car in front of me, but I couldn't turn. I'm more skilful now.

Michael: I don't like the houses in Scotland.

Tiegan: They're all dirty brown, most of them anyway.

Michael: You go on holiday and there's a big bathroom and a toilet. Our houses aren't as nice.

Raymond: Most of the houses around here are flats.

Tiegan: They're not proper houses with a garden.

Raymond: One of the good things about Scotland is the dogs. I like dogs.

Michael: I like the parks. Where we stay, we're lucky. There's a big park called the RAPA.

Elizabeth: It takes you on trips and they're free.

Raymond: I think RAPA stands for Reidvale Adventure Playground. You can play football there.

Michael: There's this one thing they do that's really good. It's called Let's Get Manky.

Tiegan: It's usually after a rainy day and there's mud and it's horrible. You slide down the chute into big puddles, head first. You bring old clothes and a change of clothes. It's mostly the boys that do it.

Michael: Girls don't want to get their hair manky.

Tiegan: I've done it, but I don't like it. The mud goes in your socks and when you walk it squelches.

Raymond: You bring a permission form. They lost mine the last time I went, but that wasn't the worst bit. The worst bit was I forgot to bring a change of clothes. I got clean eventually. But I had to stand in the bathroom for a long while.

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