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Primary 5 pupils Ciaran, Grace, Calum and Pierce tell Douglas Blane what would help them to learn better at school

Primary 5 pupils Ciaran, Grace, Calum and Pierce tell Douglas Blane what would help them to learn better at school

Ciaran: I'd like less time at school in a day.

Grace: I don't want less time at school.

Calum: You'd get more education if you had more time at school. I don't mean I want more time at school. But I don't want less time either. Three o' clock is fine.

Pierce: I would like more resources, like textbooks and calculators.

Calum: I don't need a calculator. I can do sums in my head.

Grace: I would like more textbooks. I wouldn't change my teachers. I like school.

Pierce: I would like more gym time - an hour a day instead of half an hour. I like gym.

Ciaran: So do I.

Calum: I would like a grass pitch.

Ciaran: The P6s and P7s have a pitch. But it's just goals painted on the ground and it's concrete. I don't like concrete. I was playing on it yesterday and I tripped and hurt my knee.

Pierce: I would like a grass pitch. But I wouldn't like the school to be out in the country with grass all around. If you lived in Cambuslang it would be too far for your parents to drive out to get you.

Calum: I would like school to be cleaner. A lot of people throw their garbage on the ground.

Grace: We're an eco-school. We've got one green flag.

Ciaran: You know the little holes up the side of the building, the big straight bit? People used to shove bottles and everything down there. It has plant pots now so they can't.

Ciaran: Some people throw their litter in from outside the school. They should put great big signs up saying "Don't drop litter here!"

Calum: In assembly they should tell people not to drop litter. Telling people things at assembly doesn't always work, though.

Pierce: If you're seen dropping litter you could lose part of your golden time. Or you could lose your lunchtime or playtime.

Ciaran: That's too much.

Pierce: Yeah. But if you lost five minutes golden time for every piece of litter you dropped that would work.

Grace: You get a lot of bottle tops on the ground. I always put my litter in the bin. Sometimes if I'm not near a bin I put it in my pocket. Then when I get to a bin I put it in the bin.

Ciaran: Some people forget. Pierce has stuff in his pocket right now.

Pierce: Yeah I have. Look, a Galaxy paper. I would like more games, like Scramble.

Ciaran: You mean Scrabble.

Pierce: Yeah.

Calum: If it's a wet play we get board games. But some parts are missing. People leave them lying around and they get lost.

Pierce: You could get a charity box with lots of games in it.

Ciaran: Some schools in America are just for girls, and some are for boys. Some schools you don't have to wear uniforms. You just go in like casual. That would be good.

Pierce: Our uniforms look nice now because it's start of term. They won't look like that forever. You fall on the concrete and they get ripped.

Calum: That's why we need a grass pitch.

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