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Mhari, Katie, Thomas and Peter, S2, talk to Julia Belgutay about the school of their dreams

Mhari, Katie, Thomas and Peter, S2, talk to Julia Belgutay about the school of their dreams

Mhari: I don't mind our school the way it is just now, but it is a bit shabby.

Katie: Bits of it are not so very stable.

Mhari: The toilets don't lock.

Katie: You have to wait for a certain cubicle if you are not with your friends. There is one that locks. If you are with a friend, you can just go into any free one, they have to hold the door for you because you do that for them.

Peter: The heating breaks down sometimes.

Katie: That means you wear three jumpers and you are still cold.

Mhari: If I got to build the perfect school, it would be white and shiny. Not shiny, but clean.

Katie: Stable and modern. A modern school would be fun.

Mhari: With a broken boiler still, so you would get to go home early.

Thomas: Having all the music on one floor would be good, because I play the double bass and it is up two floors, so I have to carry it all the way down and all the way back up.

Mhari: It would be nice to have everything in one building almost, so if it's cold, you don't have to go out.

Katie: I don't think having it all in one building would be such a good idea, though. It is just too much like a primary school again, because every single primary school you have gone to, they have huts or it's just a whole big building. "Open-plan" is what it's called.

Peter: A working clock tower would be nice.

Katie: Yeah, a working clock with an alarm to tell you what you have next. Or tell us when we have assembly, so you don't get into trouble for being late. To have slides instead of stairs would be fun.

Mhari: But then we would get all fat.

Thomas: But you would have stairs up the way, and slides down the way.

Mhari: An outdoors canteen would be good - a hot dog truck or something.

Thomas: A bigger lunch hall than what we have got now would be good. We only have one till, so you end up standing in the cue for half an hour to get your lunch, which leaves you 10 minutes to eat it. And I would like more comfortable chairs in class.

Peter: Leather sofas would be so good.

Mhari: And you could just have one of those computer laptop things you get on your lap, so you could have the jotter on that while watching a plasma screen TV and eating popcorn.

Peter: Maybe the rooms could be brighter as well, because they look dark.

Mhari: And then teachers could be a little bit more cheery.

Katie: It would be a really good idea to have all the classrooms look like the subject that's taught in it.

Peter: The art room could be really tall, with pictures on the ceilings. The German room would have loads of German flags.

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