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Albaraa, Kasia and Shannen, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their plans after school

Albaraa, Kasia and Shannen, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their plans after school

Albaraa: I think I will either be like a builder, or a chef, just cos I like playing with stuff and building towers and stuff with some bricks. Once, I went with my dad to his cafe and then I helped him make pizzas and stuff.

Kasia: I want to be either an actress or a writer. I want to be a writer because I really like writing books and my mum says I have got a really good imagination. And I want to be an actress cos I have always wanted to pretend I was someone else and my mum says I've got a talent for acting. If I pretend I am sad, then she really thinks I am sad.

Shannen: I wanted to be an actor, too.

Kasia: We wanted to be actresses together.

Albaraa: I think anyone can be anything.

Kasia: Yeah, because it's your decision. You decide what you are.

Albaraa: You can be anything you want. Apart from the queen. Or the king.

Kasia: If you are royal, you can.

Albaraa: Or if you marry a prince or a princess.

Kasia: I want to marry a boy that looks like a prince.

Shannen: Handsome! If you want a job, a certain job, and then you can't get it because there's too many people doing that certain job.

Albaraa: But that doesn't mean you can't be it - you can be it if you want. You can do whatever you want and then you still have to see if you can get a job. But you can still be it.

Shannen: If you can't find a job, that's not good. Very not good.

Albaraa: If you aren't clever enough, you just have to go to college or university. I don't want to go to college or university.

Kasia: I do! You are more clever and you get a better job! I am not really sure if I am going to be an actress, because if you've got a talent, then you need to make it better and start going to actor school and something, and my mum's just not got enough money. And if you don't go to university, then you won't get a good job.

Albaraa: But I will still get a job!

Kasia: But how about you get a job sweeping on the streets? That's a good job, is it?

Albaraa: Why would I do that if I'm not even gonna get any money?

Kasia: That's what happens when you don't go to university sometimes!

Shannen: If I can't be an actress, I'll work in the Body Shop. I love the Body Shop.

Albaraa: My friend said, "I'm going to batter the Queen, and then I'm gonna be the Queen."

Kasia: Now that will never happen. I think she already knows that will never happen.

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