Kids talk

Numan, Flora and Jack, S1, talk to Julia Belgutay about their special talents

Flora: I don't think they could fit a pool onto a talent show stage, but diving would be my talent. I enjoy it and I get to make lots of splashes, and I get lots of attention. I do somersaults and back dives and stuff like that. I think the judges on a talent show would be impressed with that and would say that I am fantastic and amazing.

Numan: I would do my tongue-twisting trick. But I don't think they would get impressed by that if I went on Britain's Got Talent. They'd say "what's your talent?" and I'd twist my tongue. They would probably say "boring", because I can't exactly make it more fun each audition.

Jack: I would probably do sock puppets and make them talk. Be a ventriloquist, that's it. I can't do that, but I would learn to. I can make sock puppets already.

Numan: Maybe I could be a monkey man, kind of, like climb up walls. I can't do that, but I would learn to. I would get a little bit of training and then do it. I would really like to be able to fly. I think I would like to be one of those special agents.

Flora: The SAS?

Numan: No, the one in London. MI what's it called?

Flora: MI5.

Numan: MI5, there you go!

Flora: There is a special agent shop there, because my sister went in there once, and they said it wasn't for children.

Numan: There are probably going to be laser pens.

Flora: I also want to be able to climb trees really well. You could be the first tree surgeon not to use any equipment.

Numan: I think tongue twisting is a really pathetic talent.

Jack: I think a really pathetic talent, although it is kind of cool to do, is cup-stacking. And there was the extreme wheel-barrowing. These guys had barrows and they were jumping and twisting them over their heads. It was pathetic, but it was good.

Flora: Teachers have talents.

Numan: Like having 10 cups of coffee in school hours. I couldn't have 10 cups of coffee in school hours.

Flora: I think one of their talents is keeping us in order, keeping in control. And not saying things like "shut up".

Numan: Our drama teacher could be a comedian.

Flora: Our other drama teacher is really funny as well. We had him for cover once and he started doing these weird movements, like a puppet, and he looks a bit like a vampire.

Numan: I would only go on a talent show if I had really perfected a talent.

Flora: I know what I would do. I would do charades and get the judges to guess me, and it would take them forever.

Numan: Or you could be a mime! A lot of Americans mime. People in Britain don't mime that much.

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