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P1 pupils Mike, David, Calum, Aimee and Corey tell Julia Belgutay what they want to be when they grow up

P1 pupils Mike, David, Calum, Aimee and Corey tell Julia Belgutay what they want to be when they grow up

David: I want to be a football player because I like football. I could score nets. I could earn a lot of money and I could pay for stuff. I would buy sweeties. I would want to play for Rangers and I would be a goalkeeper.

Aimee: I would like to be a chef, because they get lots of money.

David: Chefs don't get money! They just make stuff.

Aimee: You still get wages. Like the chef on The One Show.

Corey: I want to be a vet

David: What did you say?

Corey: A vet. To make animals better.

David: You can't make animals better. Say that you would get loads of money.

Aimee: Yes, you can - hamsters and that.

Corey: I think you could make pets better and give them medicine.

Aimee: When they have a sore leg or sore feet.

David: Or food! It's good for them and that will make them better. Or a drink.

Corey: What about keeping pets healthy?

Mike: I don't know what I want to be yet.

Calum: I want to be a train driver. Usually, I like to give people a ride. You would get to travel around. I think I know about some train drivers, but I don't know any, actually. When there is a danger I could stop the train.

David: I would go very fast.

Mike: You would crash off the bridge.

Calum: I would be on tracks.

Corey: Being a bus driver would be really boring. All you do is drive people.

Calum: That is what you do on the train.

Aimee: Yes, but you could make the train go and everything and that is important. I think being a teacher would be boring.

David: Yes, that would be really boring.

Calum: That is because you just have to teach lots of people what they've got to do and that is dead boring.

David: No, because teachers tell you what to do and that is actually boring.

Corey: And rude people, you have to shout at them. When it was golden time, the teacher has to scream at us.

Calum: Teaching is all you get to do all day.

David: It is dead boring.

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