Kids Talk

Alison, Jordana and Josh, S1, talk to Julia Belgutay about their siblings

Josh: I like that Christmas brings your family together. That's a good thing. I don't see my family very much, except for my mum and dad. My brothers are away - they're much older. One is in the US just now, and he's coming home. My brothers bully me at the start when they come home and then they become nice. I have two brothers and a half-sister.

Jordana: I think when siblings are under 10 they bully you. You are not in the same environment as them. I have an older sister.

Alison: I have an older and a younger sister. I'm not sure if I prefer one of them. Sometimes my younger sister is quite annoying, and sometimes my older sister is quite annoying.

Josh: If my brother hits me, when I hit him back he just shouts.

Jordana: One time, I was playing tig with my sister - she is older than me - and then I got really annoyed at her, and then pushed her the tiniest bit, and she just started screaming and went like, "Mum, Jordana is being horrible to me." And I'm like, "I only like pushed you away, because you were annoying me." One time, I was four and she was eight, she had done something to me, and I had a Bob the Builder tractor and I chucked it at her face. Then she chucked her hairdryer at me, and then I was the one more hurt and she only had the tiniest mark on her cheek, and I was like: "Wind down crying." It was quite funny.

Josh: The most annoying thing about siblings is when they bully.

Josh: . Because they have had it done to them .

Jordana: By us!

Josh: And my big brother has done it to my other brother, and my other brother has done it to my half-sister and my brother does it to me.

Alison: My sister kind of annoys you when you are trying to do something and she wants you to play. Sometimes it's not annoying, because she just wants you to play.

Josh: I hate it when they come over when I have friends round.

Jordana: `Cos when they have friends over, they are like "go away", and you kind of have to, but then .

Alison: . when you have friends over, they want to be there.

Jordana: Yeah, they want to come over and you're like "go away"!

Josh: My big brothers' friends like me and they just want me to stay there, but I don't like my big brother doing the same. He just says stuff that's not true. I try and tell him to go, but he doesn't listen. I want a baby sister.

Alison: That's what I want.

Jordana: I want a baby brother.

Alison: But I want one who will stay a baby.

Jordana: But you'll hear all the crying!

Alison: That's cute!

Josh: And I can pick on them.

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