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Alfi, Iain and Alli (S2), who will be 16 by the autumn of 2014, talk to Julia Belgutay about the Scottish independence referendum

Alfi, Iain and Alli (S2), who will be 16 by the autumn of 2014, talk to Julia Belgutay about the Scottish independence referendum

Alli: I like that people our age might get a say in the independence referendum, because we'd get to put our point across and vote for what we want.

Alfi: I didn't know much about it, actually. But I don't think it would be good if Scotland was its own country.

Alli: I think it'd be good, actually.

Alfi: I'm English, so I like having it as part of the UK, because then you can communicate with people. I would probably move back to England if it came to be an independent country.

Alli: I would keep the UK the same then, if Alfi would have to move, because that would be a shame. But I think it would be quite good to have an independent country.

Iain: When we get to decide, some people would not really care about it.

Alli: I think people would be sensible enough to make political decisions at 18, because then you're more of an adult and more mature.

Alfi: Between 16 and 18 you know a bit more about the world, and at least you're older. I still think I'm immature at some stages.

Iain: But I think the reason Alex Salmond wants a lot of young people to vote on it is because they don't really have much idea, and then they'll just think "why not" and he'll get more votes.

Alli: I think I would feel more mature, getting to make my own decision about the vote and the future of the country. That is a big thing.

Iain: Yeah, it will be quite an exciting time or whatever. And probably quite controversial.

Alli: I think it would be quite good for Scotland to have its own rules on the financial side of things, but to still not be completely blocked out of the UK.

Iain: Scotland probably wouldn't do so well in sport events like the Olympics - Britain is usually third or whatever.

Alli: Or more athletic people would come out of this country if there was not a wider range of countries they can come from. More people would be noticed. If we got to choose a national anthem, Flower of Scotland would be good. Or I would like a song from Justin Bieber.

Iain: Or the Proclaimers.

Alli: I know Justin Bieber is Canadian, but could he not sing our national anthem?

Iain: I think it would be quite good to get some rock song or something. That would be quite interesting.

Alfi: I would still say it should be Flower of Scotland.

Alli: Yeah, mostly everyone knows Flower of Scotland.

Iain: But there shouldn't be a proper border. It would just feel too separated. If you had friends in England, it would feel like just a completely different country.

Alfi: Or if you wanted to go on holiday in England, you couldn't just do that.

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