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Moosa, Rojhat and James, P6, tell Julia Belgutay what they would do if they were asked to teach a class tomorrow

Moosa, Rojhat and James, P6, tell Julia Belgutay what they would do if they were asked to teach a class tomorrow

Moosa: I would do ICT.

James: Yeah, ICT and maths and all that. Maths games or something. At the end you would have five minutes' free time.

Rojhat: I would probably also do maths, because it's quite easy to teach.

James: It's easier than language.

Moosa: What about handwriting?

Rojhat: That's fine - that's quite nice as well.

James: Because our teacher puts the handwriting on the board and we just copy it down in our handwriting jotters. So maybe that's what we should do.

Moosa: I could teach PE.

James: You could teach them football, hockey and all that if they were a high class.

Moosa: Keeping everyone settled might be hard.

Rojhat: Some people might talk .

James: . while you're teaching. Language is kind of easy, because you just open the textbook and that's language.

Moosa: But what page are you meant to do and how are you meant to do it?

James: You would have to look through it and see what's good.

Moosa: In maths, you would just put some questions on the board and they would copy and answer it.

James: Say it was, like, P6 we were teaching, like dividing and all that. It's just like times and adding - 20 divided by five equals four and all that.

Moosa: When you prepare, that makes being a teacher easier. But remembering all the names must be quite hard.

James: When you are just new, and there are new people coming, it's hard to remember them all. Say there are 30 people in a class, like P5 just now, it would be hard to remember all the names if you were just new as a teacher.

Rojhat: It would be hard to get their attention so they don't talk through it. I would do like a wee chart thing and then who gets the most points gets a little prize.

James: You would keep them in a box and who wins gets a prize at the end of the week.

Moosa: I would do the same.

James: If they kept talking, I would just say, "Listen up, listen up!" I wouldn't shout, but if they were doing it all the time, then I would. But first I would say, "Quiet down, quiet down." I would like to be a teacher, teaching a class.

Moosa: It's probably interesting.

Rojhat: I would teach art and maths.

James: So say on Monday you are taking them for maths, Tuesday PE and all that.

Rojhat: I think it would be quite fun.

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