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Rebecca, Emily and Michael, P4, tell Julia Belgutay about their biggest fears

Rebecca, Emily and Michael, P4, tell Julia Belgutay about their biggest fears

Michael: I'm really scared of crocodiles, because if I went in the water they would bite my leg. There are some in my country. I saw one once and it was a big one.

Rebecca: I am really scared of spiders. I just don't like them creeping around, and when I see one I go and get my mum. It's usually when I'm at my gran's, so she has to get them out of the bath and that.

Emily: I don't like rats, because they are really scary.

Rebecca: And they smell.

Emily: They are always creepy.

Rebecca: And they run around without you noticing.

Michael: But I like crabs. I have eaten crab before.

Emily: I eat rabbits! And pigs.

Rebecca: Heights are scary. I don't like heights.

Emily: I do.

Michael: I have been on an aeroplane before; it went very high and I wasn't scared. I just closed my eyes.

Rebecca: I don't like to go on big wheels, because they are very high.

Michael: Ghosts are not real, so I'm not scared of them.

Rebecca: There's a girl in our class who is, but not us.

Emily: I'm a bit scared of ghosts because my friend told me there is a ghost in her house in the toilet in the mirror.

Rebecca: I'm not scared of monsters or witches or the dark. I'm only scared at Halloween. And I don't like it when you go to somebody else's house who you don't know but your mum or your dad knows. That's quite annoying.

Emily: I'm just scared about being lost. I have done it two times in Costco. My dad found me.

Rebecca: I was locked in the school toilet before, and that was scary, but it wasn't very, because my friend was here. I had locked the door and then I couldn't get out, but eventually I did.

Michael: My friend was in the toilet once, and somebody came and turned the light off and closed the door.

Emily: That's a bit scary.

Rebecca: That happens a lot in the school.

Michael: When I'm scared, I shake.

Emily: I shake as well. One time I was dreaming that someone was calling "Emily" and then I was so, so scared. I just covered me with my duvet. I thought there was someone in front of me and I didn't know if I was dreaming at all.

Rebecca: Sometimes, when I'm lying in my bed in the dark, I cover my ears and my eyes, so I can't hear anything that would spook me out.

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