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Ella, Ryan and Aissatou, P2, tell Julia Belgutay what the best things are about their teacher

Ella, Ryan and Aissatou, P2, tell Julia Belgutay what the best things are about their teacher

Ella: She's a very good teacher and she teaches very good things, and she reads us very good stories. Like Aliens love Underpants.

Ryan: That's the best one, because it's about underpants.

Aissatou: You see loads of underpants which people wear. This alien was sitting in somebody's pants.

Ella: It was a huge blue one and he was wearing white ones with a belt, a red thing around it with a bow on it.

Aissatou: He was using a phone! Our teacher's also very pretty and she's very smart, and she's a very good teacher because she's very kind and she does smart stuff.

Ryan: I think that she's a very good teacher because her hair is nice and she does nice things, reads nice stories and does lots of funny stuff and lots of work. She does maths with us.

Aissatou: There's another teacher and he's quite nice.

Ella: He does loads of help. Health work and PE. And gymnastics.

Aissatou: The worst teacher would be someone who shouts at people.

Ella: Or gets into really serious trouble.

Aissatou: Sometimes the teacher does a mistake. Like this teacher on the computer. She always presses the middle button and then she screams.

Ella: She wants to make it bigger or smaller but then .

Ryan: . she presses the middle and it goes all funny!

Aissatou: You should always click the corners to make it bigger or smaller. I remember someone else making a mistake. Ryan was on the logs, and a girl was crying and the teacher said "Ryan, come here", and then the girl said it was someone else.

Ryan: It wasn't actually me who had done it, it was someone else, and it was so funny!

Ella: I think if our teacher didn't look pretty but looked scary, I would be so scared of her I'd run out.

Aissatou: I'd just feel like listening to her, because I think she'll be very very angry if I do something very wrong.

Ella: Same for me.

Ryan: Same for me, too! If the teacher looked funny like a clown, I would just be laughing.

Aissatou: Yeah, I would just be laughing. I wouldn't be able to pay attention. Next year I will be very sad if we don't see our teacher any more.

Ella: If she'd never come to visit us, I would be crying like a baby.

Aissatou: I would be the same. I would be so sad.

Ryan: I would be sad, too.

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