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Catrina, Caleb, Tamsin and Sophie, P1 and P2, talk to Julia Belgutay about Easter

Julia Belgutay

Caleb: You get an Easter holiday because you want a wee rest from your school.

Tamsin: It's when the Easter bunny gives you Easter chocolate eggs and hides them.

Caleb: Last year I got about 10 eggs. Maybe more than that even.

Tamsin: I got 16.

Sophie: And they were all chocolate.

Caleb: When the Easter bunny drops eggs off, like one or two eggs, your mum goes to buy eggs from the shop, then when they notice the Easter bunny's eggs, your mum or dad hides the eggs they've bought or the Easter bunny's eggs.

Catrina: Last year I got a letter from the Easter bunny.

Sophie: Sometimes at Easter I go to my friend's house to go Easter-egg hunting.

Tamsin: I stay in my house and play with my sister.

Caleb: I love Creme Eggs. The white stuff is actually quite tasty, `cause I've ate one before. They are called Creme Eggs because the inside looks like an egg, but it's actually quite sugary.

Sophie: When I go to my granny's, I paint real eggs and roll them down a hill.

Caleb: I don't do that, `cause I don't have a hill.

Catrina: I do that. And you see who can keep their eggs the longest, and whoever can keep their eggs the longest wins.

Caleb: I can't `cause I don't have a hill. I live on a hill but I can't `cause it doesn't roll. So I just eat some Easter eggs, then go inside and then have some more. I actually have Easter eggs left from last Easter.

Tamsin: They've got to be off date.

Sophie: When I get home near the Easter holidays my mummy buys eggs, then decorates them, then doesn't roll them down the hill, just keeps them.

Tamsin: I know something my friend used to do. She used to paint eggs and then roll them down the hill and then walk down the hill a little bit and then throw them.

Caleb: Easter is the best holiday ever. I can't wait until I get one of my own eggs and then bake it and then throw it.

Catrina: If I didn't get any Easter eggs, I wouldn't be sad, because I've already got what I want. My family.

Sophie: Santa doesn't celebrate Easter.

Caleb: Yeah, `cause he has to make toys, he is too busy.

Catrina: People in China don't celebrate Easter because they have lots of floods, so people can't really get any Easter eggs, `cause there's floods and bunnies can't swim.

Caleb: And I don't think the Easter bunny's legs can take the Easter bunny that far.

Tamsin: `Cause he does have little feet.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

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