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Suzanne, Steven, Christopher and Cameron, S3, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they do after school

Julia Belgutay

Suzanne: I go to the park or down the high street. We go sit in Subway.

Christopher: I'm a swimmer. I train six times a week in the evenings. It takes up quite a lot of time.

Steven: I just sit, like, on the computer, or go out with friends.

Cameron: I don't do much. Just sit in, go out sometimes.

Christopher: I mainly meet up with friends at weekends.

Steven: Mostly at weekends.

Suzanne: I meet up with them after school, `cos we usually go to the high street or on a Friday night go dancing.

Cameron: At weekends, we go shopping, and sometimes buy stuff.

Christopher: I play tennis with friends, or go down the high street.

Suzanne: It's the only thing to do here.

Christopher: I think we need a cinema.

Suzanne: At weekends I go to the cinema sometimes, or just go to my friend's house. I like to bake cakes and stuff, so we do that a lot of the time.

Steven: I just walk about with friends in the high street.

Christopher: I have run into Suzanne on the high street before.

Suzanne: Yeah, sitting in Subway. It's bad when you go there and people know what you want to eat. That's when you know you are there too often.

Christopher: On my perfect weekend, I would like to play a lot of tennis and see my friends. I won't see them in the high street, though.

Suzanne: My perfect weekend would be going across to Edinburgh with my friends, going shopping, going for a meal, or going to the cinema.

Steven: You just stole my one! I maybe wouldn't go as far as Edinburgh, but go somewhere, go to the cinema, and get something to eat. I like going to Greggs.

Christopher: I like Subway.

Suzanne: We used to have a McDonald's, but it got closed down.

Christopher: I think using Facebook and stuff like that in moderation is helpful; it can help you arrange to meet up.

Steven: I'm hardly ever on it, but if you need to speak to someone, then it's easy to do it.

Suzanne: I use it too much. I use it to speak to my family a lot as well, because they live in Canada. But my friends live on the other side of town, so it's good to arrange stuff.

Christopher: I don't think speaking to strangers you meet on Facebook is right. You shouldn't really be talking to people you don't know. It's not safe.

Cameron: I think it's quite bad, because you don't know who they are. I have met friends on Facebook that I actually know now, and I meet up with them sometimes.

Suzanne: I think it's OK to chat to them, but I wouldn't meet up with them.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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