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Ryan, Darcy and Jamie, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their friends

Ryan, Darcy and Jamie, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their friends

Darcy: I usually just play with my friends and I just tell them about a band and, like, things that I've been doing overnight and that.

Jamie: Me and my friends just talk about football. We all like football. Sometimes we talk about music.

Darcy: I also talk about scary dreams and that, just to get it all out.

Ryan: I talk to my friends about making up new creatures and stuff. Alien- type stuff. Like, to start off, we make up sort of things like half- nuclear reactor, half-human.

Darcy: We normally talk about funny things. We make faces and that. Some people, you don't really get on with. Like really, really quiet people, and some are really disgusting in a way, they spit in their hands and that. I know, it's not right. I usually just hang about with people I know.

Ryan: When I get hurt, my friends are there to support me. They share the same interests.

Darcy: A geek club. Not a geek club. Just things that you like. Like dinosaurs and that.

Ryan: I used to like dinosaurs.

Darcy: Our friends are like us. You can tell they are your friends, because they always hang about with you in a big bunch and that.

Jamie: My friends kinda do nice stuff with me. Sometimes their mums and that are nice to me as well, giving me lifts with them to parks. And they look out for me. When we go some place I have never been to, but they have been before, they don't like people trying to hurt me.

Darcy: I sometimes tell my friends stuff I wouldn't tell my parents.

Jamie: Sometimes you have to, because you don't trust your mum and dad.

Darcy: They go away and tell the school.

Jamie: They just spread it to teachers and that, and your teacher will say "Can I talk to you outside?"

Darcy: Some people in our class have boyfriends and girlfriends and stuff, and you don't want to tell your parents and you don't want to tell the teacher, because it will embarrass you and everything.

Jamie: If my friends called me a name by accident but they didn't mean it, they were angry, I would just walk away from them for a wee bit and go back. But I wouldn't fall out with them.

Darcy: If I could only talk about one topic with my friends for the rest of my life, I'd say One Direction. I really have to, `cos I watch them every day. Actually, there is eight years between me and Harry Styles. It would never get boring.

Ryan: For me, it would be football. I am a big sports fan.

Jamie: Yeah, football.

Ryan: High five, Jamie.

Jamie: Naaa.

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