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Ava, Aaron, Connor and Aimee, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about money

Ava, Aaron, Connor and Aimee, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about money

Aaron: You have to have a little bit obviously. You need money for the likes of food and stuff.

Connor: And to pay your tax and stuff.

Aimee: And bills or things like that.

Aaron: I think you would want to have about average money, because the rich folk normally don't have many friends.

Aimee: I think so, yeah.

Connor: Maybe just 'cos they've got all that money.

Aaron: They're too engrossed in the money and the things they've bought that they don't socialise with others.

Ava: There's not really a point in having loads of cars and stuff.

Aaron: Plus folk would always ask you for money, I think, if you've got a lot of it.

Aimee: Being successful is still a good thing, though, because it means when you're older, you're not going to be in a lot of debt and stuff.

Connor: Well, it probably is much better to get a job, 'cos if you don't, like, have a job, really it will be like just living under the government and that. And people who don't have a job just go out and, like, drink and take drugs and that.

Aaron: Having a lot of money would make you happy, but it wouldn't make you any better than anyone else. I am fine just the way I am, really.

Connor: It would be difficult to be poor, though. Just say you had like children or something, you'd have to, like, look after them and then you'd have to pay out loads more money as well. You could end up without a house.

Aaron: And it would be harder to get a good job and that ...

Connor: ... because you've not got a good education.

Aaron: It's more important to have a job that you really enjoy than earning lots of money. On a scale from one to 10, if one is really poor and 10 is really rich, I would want to be a five or a four-ish.

Ava: I would want to be a six or a seven.

Connor: I know what I would like to be, but it will take a lot of money, like. I was hoping to be a movie director.

Ava: It's important you earn money and that, so you can buy food and all that.

Aimee: I would probably like to be about a six.

Connor: Some of the people who have a lot of money feel better than other people.

Aimee: The Queen has lots of money.

Aaron: But she doesn't show off. She is royalty - she gets given that.

Connor: Most famous rich people give away to charity every year.

Ava: It's better to share than keep it all to yourself.

Aaron: 'Cos what's it going to do in your bank account when you can put it towards loads of other things for the world.

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