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John, Megan and Turhhar, P2, talk to Julia Belgutay about the summer holidays

Julia Belgutay

Megan: I'm looking forward to going to my holiday house, and I'll be able to go to the beach and go on a boat and spot puffins. Then I will be over to the secondary school sports club and lunch club, and then after that some more clubs.

Turhhar: I want to go to Canada and have fun and wrestle with my brother.

John: I hope it's sunny so I can go on a boat and see sea lions and otters. And after, I'll be going to clubs.

Turhhar: I want to go watch Awesome Spiderman (sic).

Megan: I want to go to Beauty and the Beast in 3D, but my mum won't let me. Just because I upset my friends and stuff, so that's probably why, so I don't deserve treats like that. I like learning new things. Summer holidays are nice, but it's nice to learn new things as well.

Turhhar: During the summer holiday, I want to get a new iPad.

John: I have a real record player.

Megan: My best holiday would be in Spain, where it's nice and sunny. That's where I'm going in the autumn holidays, so I get a bit of warm when it's just cold here.

John: My perfect holiday would be Flamingo Land.

Megan: Flamingo Land? Is there such a thing as Flamingo Land?

John: Yeah, it's a holiday in York, and they have lots of shows there. I went when I was in nursery, I think it was.

Megan: Did you go to the fun fair?

Turhhar: I went.

Megan: There was nice rides, and I got fudge and bought cakes from the cake fair, and got face-painted.

Turhhar: I got face-painted! And I ate candy floss.

Megan: Is candy floss a bit like clouds? But it tastes nice. If it rained all the time during the holidays I would put on my raincoat and play outside.

Turhhar: I would play my video games or watch TV.

Megan: All my holiday things are outdoor things because I am sure in the countryside it's nice and warm. So all of my things are nice and sunny. Everything is inside, apart from in the countryside where it's always sunny. And some rain would be nice. I like April showers.

John: I like it for like five minutes maybe.

Megan: I would like an April shower for five minutes. If nothing exciting happened, that would ruin my holiday. Or being grounded inside my bed.

John: All seven weeks? Oh my god! I get grounded for one night.

Megan: I sometimes see my friends during the holidays. They might be at the gala.

Turhhar: Maybe, when I'm in Canada, I could also go to London or America. I'm not sure.

Megan: My sister gets on my nerves during the holidays.

Turhhar: My brother gets on my nerves. He always puts me in trouble.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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