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Jared, Breden and Fan Fan, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite toys

Julia Belgutay

Breden: My favourite toy is the sand in our classroom. I don't know why. But you can make sandcastles. You put the sand in the bucket, and then you tip it over, then you pat it, and then you lift it and that's how you make a sandcastle.

Fan Fan: My favourite toy is a Barbie doll. I like dressing her up and brushing her hair.

Jared: I like Lego. You can make stuff with it. I like making space ships. I make lots of things, and I make them by myself.

Breden: I also like Lego. I like building a ship and a boat.

Fan Fan: My Barbie doll has got a sparkly dress that's silver, and a skirt. I like dressing her like that. I think there are some toys for girls and some for boys. I don't think boys will play with Barbie dolls, because boys don't like fashion.

Breden: I don't want a Barbie doll. Definitely not.

Jared: Because they are for girls and boys hate Barbie dolls.

Breden: I think girls hate dinosaurs, cars, helicopters .

Jared: And plastic aeroplanes.

Fan Fan: One day when I was on my holidays with my grandfather I got a plastic aeroplane. And I liked it.

Breden: It was pink!

Fan Fan: Yeah. And white.

Breden: My plastic aeroplane is yellow.

Jared: Mine is green. Tiny aliens that don't even move by themselves are really boring.

Breden: Nothing is boring to me.

Jared: Chicken is yummy.

Breden: I hanged my plastic aeroplane on the ceiling with string and one day it was about to fall off. I was standing in the middle (of the room), and my plastic aeroplane is hanging in the middle, and it hit me on the head. I would always share my toys with my friends, and I wouldn't be angry if they broke them. We would just build them again.

Fan Fan: I would be cross if someone broke my Barbie doll.

Jared: If someone broke my Lego spaceship, I would build it again. What about if someone broke a picture?

Fan Fan: You can't draw exactly the same as the other one.

Jared: I know how to make it not broken. You just glue it together. Yeah, you just glue it. You get it on a coloured piece of paper and it looks like you've just made it. I ripped my wee baby picture.

Breden: Why?

Jared: Because it was rubbish?

Breden: I don't have any of my old baby toys, but if I had them, I'd throw them straight in the bin.

Jared: My brother's birthday is going to be in two days. He is going to get surprises.

Breden: I hope he doesn't just get a tiny alien that doesn't even move.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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