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Lily, Callum and Lili, P4 and P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about what magic powers might be useful for teachers

Lily, Callum and Lili, P4 and P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about what magic powers might be useful for teachers

Lily: Making people listen would be a good power.

Callum: Or if she was telling them something and they were drawing pictures, she had the power to make it so their hand wouldn't be able to go into the tray and they wouldn't be able to move their hand.

Lili: Maybe big ears would be good so she could hear really well.

Callum: Then she could hear if anyone was whispering. Maybe at assembly, if they could see if someone was playing with their toy and hiding behind someone, they could see through the person.

Lily: Super eyes!

Callum: And I think they would have plain black eyes and a cape that came over the ears, in case they got cold.

Lili: And gold gloves. And a big red mask so no one could see them.

Lily: Their hair would be so long they could use it as wings.

Callum: If they had super speed, they could speed up to someone and say "stop that" and speed back again before anyone noticed.

Lili: They could have a really big brain.

Lily: And what about super good kindness?

Callum: Baggy pink trousers so they are so bright, so no one can see through them. If anyone looked at their trousers they would be blind.

Lily: She could have special pockets that if you put something in, it would get really tiny.

Callum: It could be like Harry Potter. She could have a tiny handbag and have tons and tons in it. All teachers need to be kind of strict, and if she wasn't strict and really lazy, that would be bad - if she had super lazy powers so she couldn't get out of her seat.

Lily: What about if, whatever she is thinking of, there is a big colourful, unwashable picture that appears wherever she is looking. That would be useless.

Callum: Or mind-reading powers. You could be thinking something really disgusting. Or secret. Then you would just think about ponies and unicorns and rainbows and everything.

Lily: Our teacher is really good at winking. That's almost a super power. Whenever she winks at someone, they smile. In maths, when you're about to answer, she winks at you, and then you smile and you remember the answer.

Callum: I would like to have a teacher with super powers.

Lily: No, normal but kind.

Callum: If they had super powers, you could show off that your teacher has super powers. Eventually, it might get boring.

Lily: But what if she had the bad powers?

Callum: Like laser eyes. She would set all the paper on fire.

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