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Jay, Rebecca, Sarah, Alisha, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite book character

Jay, Rebecca, Sarah, Alisha, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite book character

Sarah: Moshi Monsters.

Rebecca: That is mine, too!

Alisha: Mine is Flat Stanley.

Rebecca: Oh yeah, he is funny. He gets flattened by a pinboard.

Alisha: Does he get stuck to a kite?

Sarah: Yeah, that one. That was cool. But that was done in the 1980s.

Alisha: And there's a new one coming out.

Jay: It came out a couple of weeks ago.

Alisha: He is a boy, he is in school, but.

Jay: He can't go to school.

Rebecca: He can't go to school because he is so flat.

Alisha: And he can slide under doors. But he is not in this school, he is in a book. He goes in a picture frame, and then he dresses up as Bo Peep. And then he has a little.

Rebecca: A crutch. No, not a crutch, a thing what you hook animals around to get them.

Sarah: I like Moshi Monsters because they are really good, and some of them can fly. And their names are cool.

Rebecca: They are foods. Some are shaped like foods.

Jay: There is a gingerbread one, called Hansel.

Sarah: They are good `cos you get stickers and everything. And some are really crazy. I've got all the things. I think a good book character needs detail.

Alisha: Yes, so you know what it looks like.

Sarah: And so that you want to buy it.

Alisha: Some don't have colour. Like the one in 1980. It doesn't have any colour `cos it's old.

Sarah: I don't like Harry Builds a House - that's babyish! And I hate fairies. Because they're not boyish.

Rebecca: I hate princesses, because I'm a tomboy.

Alisha: But you like Rapunzel!

Sarah: No, I don't any more.

Rebecca: I'm not a girly girl, I wear boy shoes.

Sarah: Characters don't need to be funny, but they need to be cool.

Rebecca: Yes, cool, dude!

Jay: Footballers aren't funny, but they're cool.

Alisha: What about Harry Potter?

Rebecca: You can imagine the characters in your head.

Alisha: Harry Potter is kind of scary. Voldemort.

Jay: I don't think anything is scary.

Sarah: I hate spiders, though.

Alisha: We had a tarantula outside today and we saw it. But Marshall killed it.

Sarah: How? You can't kill a tarantula.

Jay: He stamped on it, like loads of times.

Rebecca: Marshall is just so brave!

Sarah: I know!

Rebecca: He is so strong.

Alisha: Guess what, Rebecca. Marshall said he loves me. He says he loves Cary. And me, and Jessica.

Jay: And Dana. He says he loves every girl in the class.

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