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Lewis, Adam, Eloise and Kayleigh, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about why they think so many tourists come to Scotland

Lewis, Adam, Eloise and Kayleigh, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about why they think so many tourists come to Scotland

Kayleigh: Because there is lots of nice stuff in Scotland - nice playgrounds and that.

Adam: Nice schools.

Lewis: They go on holiday to have fun. Maybe they go to a hotel?

Kayleigh: Or Silver Sands on the beach, where I go.

Eloise: Sometimes they may want to see rainforests and stuff.

Kayleigh: Are there rainforests in Scotland?

Eloise: Yeah!

Lewis: Or part of their family might live across in Scotland.

Kayleigh: Some of my cousins live in England, and I've never seen them.

Lewis: I think people are interested in the castles.

Kayleigh: There's Edinburgh Castle.

Eloise: Is there a Dundee Castle?

Adam: Stirling Castle and Abbey.

Kayleigh: They might want to go on a ferry?

Lewis: There are a lot of ferries leaving from here.

Kayleigh: You could also go to this place that I went to with my mum and my dad. It's called Deer Farm, it's got lots of deer, and you get a stamp on your hand to make sure you're gonna be in. And there's also a butterfly farm.

Adam: If I had tourists visiting me, I would go to the beach if it's sunny, maybe play football with them.

Kayleigh: I would go to Perth swimming pool.

Eloise: I would probably go on a ferry around Scotland.

Lewis: Maybe a tour of, like, the United Kingdom?

Kayleigh: I would go to a farm with them, because my gran took me there. I think the most typical Scottish food is haggis. That's Scottish.

Lewis: Chips are Scottish. But I don't like my chips. I don't like my fish.

Adam: I don't either.

Eloise: I love fish.

Adam: I would take them to a restaurant. I would tell them to have lamb steak.

Kayleigh: People say that haggis is made of chicken cuts, but it's not.

Eloise: My dad says it's made of lamb cuts.

Kayleigh: People say it's a wee animal that runs about. But it's not.

Lewis: It's actually a bit of a lamb.

Kayleigh: It's the inside of a cow.

Eloise: I would just buy haggis and mash for tea. I think when it's warm Scotland is a nice country.

Adam: Not when it's rain and thunder and lightning.

Eloise: My cousin's restaurant flooded.

Adam: When I was on holiday, we were in the hotel, me, my auntie, my wee cousin and my nanna. We went out on the balcony and all we could see was rain and we could hear thunder and lightning.

Kayleigh: When I went on holiday it didn't rain at all. My gran goes on holiday about at the most 10 times every year. I think she just came back a couple of weeks ago, and I think she went to at the top of Spain and she found this cave and there is loads of shiny stuff in the walls and stuff.

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