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Ewan, Logan and Kyle, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about the hardest thing they have learned in school

Ewan, Logan and Kyle, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about the hardest thing they have learned in school

Ewan: I would probably say my project in Primary 4, which was water. It was just quite confusing.

Logan: Yeah, we had to go and find facts about it. We got sent around the school to different computers, but there were not many facts to find out about water, other than you can drink it and it falls from the sky.

Ewan: And it was just quite confusing learning the cycle of water. I didn't enjoy that much.

Logan: Yeah, it rains and then it goes into a river and then it evaporates back up.

Kyle: Problem solving was the hardest for me.

Ewan: That was really hard.

Logan: I hated that. We get given a textbook, one between two, we normally work in pairs and we just get given all the hard stuff. Some of them are maths questions, some have riddles in them and stuff.

Ewan: Sometimes they don't even give you .

Logan: . a clue or anything.

Ewan: No. The bad thing about maths is the textbook we have. The answers in the back are sometimes wrong. So we don't know what's right and wrong. I like projects on really hard things, but sometimes when we research and you just can't find what you're looking for, you just have to improvise.

Logan: Hard is better than easy. With easy, you get really bored.

Ewan: And you learn more if it's hard.

Kyle: But it can be more frustrating.

Logan: I found learning how to write and joined-up writing really hard, but now if I try to write not joined up it's really hard.

Kyle: Times tables were hard for me, but now .

Ewan: I was really bad at the four times table. Seven is my easiest.

Logan: I used to struggle at the nine times table and the eight. The easiest one I'd say is probably the 11 times table, `cos it's just like the same number. My friend is really good at comprehension and writing stuff. If it's a really hard question, he'll get it and I won't, and I have to ask him to help me.

Kyle: It depends on my memory. Half my head is full of piano notes that I don't have to read the music, I can just remember it, and I know people who try and do that and can't do it.

Logan: I used to know how to play a song called Chopsticks on the piano, now I can't do that. It's like the easiest song ever, and I've forgotten it already.

Ewan: I'm good at reading.

Kyle: I like music.

Ewan: My cousin, he goes to high school, and he says it's quite hard, but you get used to it eventually.

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