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John, Celina, Paige, Kerry, Lewis and Brooke, P23, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they would save if their home was flooded

John, Celina, Paige, Kerry, Lewis and Brooke, P23, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they would save if their home was flooded

Lewis: When we got the first flood, the first block of houses down the hill were all flooded.

Brooke: My house. That's my house. There was a big hill that was all going down my bit, and that was all flooded. And I couldn't get out my house because we opened the gate.

Kerry: Once, I was at Flamingo Land, and the whole place was flooded, and it went up to the door, even though it was three steps high.

Paige: My house didn't get flooded, actually.

John: Mine got a little bit flooded.

Brooke: I would take my dog.

John: I would take my PlayStation.

Lewis: I would take my cat.

Kerry: I would take all the animals in my house because I have quite a lot. Some are delicate things. It's a glass blue seahorse and a golden ladybird, and it's a sun reflector, and a little wooden squirrel and a lucky duck from the lucky duck.

Brooke: But what about your bunnies and your parrot?

Kerry: Oh yeah, I'm going to take them as well. And two fishes. They are good because they like water.

Brooke: I have actually got two fishes, one is my little brother's, called Blackie, and I have got one called Polly. But my other one, called Goldie, died. I woke up one morning, and I went downstairs and it was lying up at the top. My dad flushed it down the toilet.

Paige: Guess what, I've got two guinea pigs at my house. Tinkerbell and Lydia, I called them.

Celina: I would take my favourite teddy.

Brooke: I would take my special teddy called Snowy. We take them because we love them. And it would be cosier if you found a new house. I would actually take my full bedroom.

Kerry: If my house flooded, I've got a bunk bed, so I would chop it down and use it as a little raft.

Brooke: You know what else I would take? Beside my dining table, I have a big play area in my house, so I would take that because me and my little brother love to play in it. I could get my uncle's brother to take it because he's a big wrestler, so he's strong.

Paige: I would be safe in my house because I have got two more doors, right, and they would just hit it and then we wouldn't get any water.

Lewis: Oh, you mean two doors in your back door?

Paige: Yeah, that's how water won't come in.

Brooke: I've got three doors in my house. I've got one fire exit, my back garden one and then I've got my front door.

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