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Michael, John and Athoub, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their new year resolutions

Michael, John and Athoub, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their new year resolutions

John: A new year's resolution is when you try and get better at something. I might try and be better at language, because I am not very good at spelling words.

Athoub: I don't know what I will do. Maybe maths, my times tables.

Michael: I am going to start playing more football, 'cos I already play for a team. I am a goalkeeper. I just like to play it and I have a feeling that I like it when I play it.

Athoub: I am going to try and be tidier at home. I have got lots of brothers and sisters and I will try and help my mum more. I am the third oldest. I have six brothers and sisters.

Michael: At home, I just clean up the kitchen sometimes.

Athoub: I do cooking with my mum sometimes.

John: I clean up the mess around the house sometimes.

Michael: I think adults sometimes don't stick to what they want to do. They forget their new year's resolutions so quickly because they don't want to do them.

Athoub: Maybe they forgot and they don't really want to do it. My dad smoked a lot and tried to stop. I think my wee sister should stop messing up the home.

Michael: My big sister should stop being mean to me. I have five big sisters. She says "get out of my room" and throws pillows at me. I'll tell her she should be nicer to me, but she won't do it.

John: I am going to tell my wee sister to stop fighting with me. I think I might forget my resolutions, maybe.

Michael: I'm going to stick to it. I am going to go down to the football pitches every Sunday. I really really want to do it. I think you can only stick to it if you really want to do it. I don't really know why.

John: I think it's easier to

stick to something you really want to do because if you get better at it, you might be doing something right for your future.

Athoub: I think it's easier because you really know you want to do it, so you're really going to do it.

Michael: I think I will go to goalkeeper classes. You tip the ball over the bar and dive and get back up, and see how fast you can do that.

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