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Richard, Mary Jane and Danielle, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about why we need money

Richard, Mary Jane and Danielle, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about why we need money

Mary Jane: You need money to buy clothes.

Danielle: And to live. You could go buy food and water to keep you alive.

Richard: And coleslaw.

Mary Jane: I think you need about #163;100 to live - #163;50 to #163;100 a year.

Danielle: If I had a lot of money I would spend it on clothes.

Richard: Clothes and cake.

Mary Jane: Water and a packet of crisps. I think the government get their money from the council. The teachers' boss is the council.

Danielle: They would probably buy stuff for the community. Like bins and shops and light to see and all that.

Richard: You couldn't survive without money.

Danielle: If you didn't have money you would get some from the bank.

Mary Jane: Or the council?

Richard: I would get money from the council. Or the bank. Or the government.

Danielle: Or my grandmother. I don't want to be too rich or too poor. I want to be something in between. Because if you are too much rich, people won't like you. You'd be all glamorous and you wouldn't have any friends or anything.

Richard: You could share the money.

Danielle: You'd have too much money to look after.

Mary Jane: I had a dream that I had a lot of money in the house.

Danielle: See, I had a dream, right, and I won a 20 pence, and it had a date on it, so I was sitting on all sorts of 20 pences.

Richard: That's so funny.

Danielle: I think it's difficult earning money if you had a hard job. It depends if you had a hard job.

Richard: Sweeping the floor is a hard job because you get a bad back.

Mary Jane: Cleaning toilets.

Richard: How about building houses? I think being a nursery teacher is an easy job because you just play with the kids.

Danielle: I would probably go for that.

Richard: They are really nice.

Danielle: Being a teacher is hard because you need to be smart, and you need to listen in school before you become a teacher.

Richard: Being in a shop is easy.

Danielle: A shop that does "buy one get one free" is easy. My mum says I'm going to be a fireman. And I'm like, what? What are you talking about?

Mary Jane: I'd like to be a janitor, but I can't. That's for boys.

Richard: I think teachers earn the most money. No, council, actually.

Danielle: People that solve crimes.

Mary Jane: Or lawyers.

Richard: Shopkeepers earn loads of money.

Danielle: A sister. Like a nun. They spend their money with other people who don't have any.

Mary Jane: They buy toys and they give them to the children that are sitting in the street.

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