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Lana, Jake and Rachel, P4, tell Julia Belgutay what animal they would like to be

Lana, Jake and Rachel, P4, tell Julia Belgutay what animal they would like to be

Jake: I would be a monkey because they can climb, so if you are getting chased by anything you can climb away from it. Unless it's a cat.

Lana: I would be a lion. I might eat you.

Jake: You cannot climb!

Lana: Lions are really fierce.

Rachel: I would be a dog. A westie.

Jake: She should be angry and bite.

Rachel: I would be tired.

Jake: I would throw coconuts at you!

Lana: Lions are the kings of the jungle.

Jake: No, they are not, elephants are. I can climb on their nose and pick its nose for it.

Rachel: You could just go to the trunk.

Jake: As a monkey, I could eat what I want. I could eat lions' heads and dogs' ears. I can! I would throw bananas at their heads. I would be one of those orange monkeys ... Monkeys are dumb. They don't know 4+6. They think it's 11.

Rachel: I can do that. It's 10.

Jake: I think it would be better to be an animal than a child. You can run away from anything.

Rachel: I'm a wolfblood. That way you can do some animal stuff and some human stuff. My friend and I are wolfbloods. We don't hurt humans.

Lana: I am a vampire. I will hunt you down. I turned myself into a monkey with my magic.

Jake: I really wouldn't want to be an ant. I would like to be a centipede, though, to scare my mum. She is scared of centipedes.

Rachel: I would like to be a gorilla.

Jake: Then I could climb on your back and you wouldn't notice me. I would be a centipede and then I would turn into a monkey.

Lana: I wouldn't want to be a dog.

Jake: She hates dogs.

Lana: I don't like them when they bark, that's all.

Rachel: Wolfbloods are in the dog family. They are not dogs, but they are kind of in that family.

Jake: I am going to kill a wolfblood.

Lana: I wouldn't want to be a bee. People would be trying to kill you, and they would just be messing up the house, and the bee would just be sitting down. One of my friends reminds me of a monkey because she is funny.

Rachel: My teacher reminds me of a bunny, because bunnies are lovely, sweet and smell nice.

Jake: Or a white rat.

Rachel: It's not nice to say that about our teacher. Another teacher reminds me of a panda, because they are also cute and also smell nice and they eat bamboo, which is also known as vegetables.

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