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Kit crit

My son handed me the school letter beaming. I am a veteran of such letters: the dreaded kit list for residential trips.

Two pairs of old trousers, not jeans. Three old pairs of trainers or boots. Two old sweatshirts, not Sunday best, and so on. Doubtless this will be followed by a parents' evening where teachers will pour scorn on those who buy new clothes for such trips.

It may have escaped the notice of busy teachers, but children grow. Old clothes are outgrown clothes, so few of my son's clothes are more than six months old. I buy the minimum for use at weekends as they are outgrown so fast. At present my son possesses: two pairs of trousers, both jeans; one pair of trainers; one sweatshirt.

I will get him everything on the list, begging and borrowing if possible. But, teachers, be warned - I may have to commit the crime of buying new clothes.

S E O'BRIEN Hillbury Cecil Road Weston-super-Mare

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