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Knightly advances

DIARY greetings to dandy-about-town Bob Balchin, the godfather of grant-maintained schools and now defender of grammar schools. Bob has greeted the 21st century by getting "on-line" and even acquiring his own e-mail address.

Bob was, of course, well rewarded for his service to the Tory cause, sorry, to education over the years, with a knighthood to his name.

So proud of it is he, that he has chosen, as his digital address, not Bob.Bachin@etc etc or even R.Balchin@ditto.

No, his address begins Sir.Robert@...

It's a suitably grand address for a man known to cut a dash around town. A while back, he sported a silver-topped cane following a nasty accident involving a gondola in Venice. More recently, he donned a fetching black cape.

But alas, this knight of the cyber-realm has been experiencing teething troubles. Only half of his first e-mail arrived.

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