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Know your netiquette

Do * Read the frequently asked questions - FAQs - for a newsgroup before posting a message. These are either posted as a message or webpage. Or, news.announce. newusers carries details for new users.

* Carefully select which group is best suited for your message, rather than cross-posting, which seems to annoy other users. Have a good "lurk" before posting.

* Use an adapted email address for your postings to cut the chance of being "spammed".

* Accept advice with care. Unless the responder is a known expert, get their suggestions validated.

* Keep a check on the time you spend in "virtual" staffrooms. Focus on your priorities.

Don't * Use capital letters - it's tantamount to shouting.

* Give out personal contact details when posting to a whole group.

* Use sarcasm or irony in your messages. If there is a chance you will be misunderstood, use an "emoticon" (see right) to clarify matters.

* Tak the bait if someone replies to your message with rudeness or sarcasm (called flaming). This is generally done to wind people up, so don't give them the satisfaction.

* Post identifiable details of your school or pupils. You can still outline what has happened without risking the wrath of a switched-on Net lawyer!

Smileys (emoticons) : Nerdy or necessary?

Opinion varies but it's worth knowing what these are if only to interpret them in other messages posted.:-) smilinghappy:-o shockedamazed:-( sadunhappy:-I angry

Usenet language Learning key abbreviations will save time:

AFAIK as far as I know

BTW by the way

FWIW for what its worth

FYI for your information

IMO in my opinion

LOL laughing out loud

OIC oh I see

OTOH on the other hand

Rough Guide to the Internet 2000, by Angus J Kennedy and The Virgin Family Internet Guide are invaluable for busy Net users.

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