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Know your numbers

All the fours

44in biggest blouse size in John Lewis school uniform department 40 40-something female teachers and nurses are the most affected by stress in the workplace

42p the amount spent on ingredients needed to make one school lunch

44 the average age of Scottish teachers

40% the number of teachers who leave the job three to five years after training

Stat's amazing

1:7 proportion of teachers in the UK who come from overseas

12% of students answer their mobiles in lectures

20% rise in the number of mature students applying to teacher training colleges this year

30,000 the number of gaps in our classroom thatthe Teacher Training Agency has to fill each year

40% of teachers leave the job after three to five years

57% of the teaching workforce took sick leave in 2003

66% of Welsh teachers took sick leave in 2003 pound;71bn how much parents spend on children for the 11 years they're at school

80% of teachers feel their professional development needs are not being met in full

96% of students passed their A-levels this year

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