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Korea: a land worthy of your attention

You can use this supplement to introduce your students to Korea - a much overlooked country in British schools, but a potentially useful focus for a wide variety of subjects whether studying economic development, tourism and environmental issues in geography; the Cold War in history; or even modern and traditional styles in art and design.

Korea is a country already in the news because of its efforts to reunite north and south, but it will also come under the spotlight for sporting reasons in 2002 when it co-hosts football's World Cup with Japan.

This year we are focusing on Korea's rapid transformation from being a rural country to an industrial powerhouse and the social and environmental changes that have resulted from it. Students can enter ou essay contest and win a place on an international youth visit to Seoul.

To help teachers all the articles here will be placed on our website ( korea) so they can be downloaded on to A4 paper. There you will find other helpful links for more information and a growing resource of articles on Korea written for the supplements in previous years.

More information is available from the Korean Window at and the Korean Information Service at Reference materials can also be obtained from the Cultural Office, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, 60m Buckingham Gate, London SW1 6AJ

Tel: 020 7227 5500

Fax: 020 7233 8453


Brendan O'Malley Foreign editor, 'The TES'

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