Koreans in Britain: six of the biggest investors

1. LG Semiconductors at Newport, Gwent. So far invested: Pounds 50m. Plans to invest a further Pounds 1.18bn before 1999. Jobs created: 1,696.

2. LG Electronics in Wales making display systems. So far invested: Pounds 25m. Plans to invest a further Pounds 431 million before 2002. Jobs created: 4,410.

3. Hyundai makes semiconductors in Scotland. Invested Pounds 875m but committed to investing a further Pounds 2.18bn before 2000. Jobs created: 2,000.

4. Daewoo Electronics makes video-cassette recorders in Northern Ireland. Arrived 1988 but now has car design and marketing plants in England. Has invested Pounds 11m and plans to invest a further Pounds 150 million before 1998. Jobs created: 1,170.

5. Samsung Electronics. Makes televisions and microwaves in the North-east. So far invested: Pounds 14.4m. Plans to invest a further Pounds 437.5 m before 1999. Jobs: not known.

6. Halla Euro Enterprise invested in Britain in May 1994. but further investment was announced in 1996. Makes excavators and fork-lift trucks. Based in Merthyr, South Wales. Jobs created: 351. Invesment so far: Pounds 12. 5m. Planned investment: Pounds 6.25m.

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