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Labelled with love

Printing and attaching labels to CDs or DVDs isn't exactly rocket science.

It's one of those annoying little jobs - like getting paper to come out straight from an inkjet printer - that we don't normally pay much attention to, but when the need arises to do it accurately it's well nigh impossible!

Labelling disks for archival or classroom use doesn't call for absolute perfection, but if you're giving students disks that record their educational achievement - and it's an increasing trend - wouldn't it be nice to hand out something that looks, well, professional? "Sorry, Angela, could you just trim off the white bit before you take it home?" isn't really an option.

So, is the Avery Afterburner The One? Well, it can certainly deliver printed inserts and labels that look the part - thanks to a decent selection of clip art and templates - and fit the case or disk. Even more impressive, the blue plastic label applicator might look like an escapee from the recently defunct Innovations catalogue but it's a minor design classic that virtually guarantees wrinkle and bubble-free label adhesion.


Unfortunately, when even the most basic programs now boast more wizards than Hogwarts Reunited, the Design Pro software seems determined to obscure its best features - configurable grids and guides, locking tools, curved text - behind a clumsy unintuitive interface.

So, yes, you can design, print and install attractive jewel case inserts and disk labels with a high degree of accuracy (there's even a template for fine tuning printing margins), but not with the ease you might have expected. It would have helped, for instance, if Avery had included a "fit to frame" option for graphics.

But let's not be greedy. For pound;20you get a decent selection of Avery labels, a powerful software program and a wondrous gizmo that might even be child-proof. How bad is that?

Avery Afterburner

Device for labelling CDs and DVDs, with labels and software programs

Price: pound;20

Contact Avery Helpdesk for information and also for a free pack of assorted samples.

Tel: 0900 80 50 20

Fitness for purpose *****

Ease of use ***

Features ****

Quality **** Value for money *****

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