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The land that time forgot

THE INDUS VALLEY. By Ilona Aronovsky and Umaya Aafjes. The Commonwealth Institute Pounds 23. - 0 946140 61 8. Age range 7-11

While only a few schools select the Indus Valley as a non-European study unit, mainstream publishers are cautious about investing in resources, a classic chicken-and-egg situation which makes this pack from the Commonwealth Institute particularly welcome. It includes 13 booklets on different topics, very clear line drawings of archaeological finds, maps and plans, black and white photographs, 11 A4 sized colour plates and activity grids for pupils. Some topics, such as everyday life and a visit to Mohenjo-daro, will be more popular than others - teachers are urged to select and adapt the material to suit their needs.

The only evidence for this civilisation, which stretched over an area larger than ancient Egypt, comes from archeological excavations. Excellent drawings are included in the pack, as well as photographs of the finds. The measurements of each object are given, making it possible for children to reproduce many of them in clay, then to speculate on their purpose, using prompt questions in the grids.

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