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Language sites for KS34

Food: German

Visit for appetising pictures of various foodstuffs that could be used by pupils to illustrate a project on this theme (you are expected to request permission). is a great introduction to the world of German bread and offers pictures, brief descriptions and a tour of the kitchen. contains hundreds of recipes sorted into categories for easy searching. For a multiple choice quiz see http:nosferatu. cas.usf.edugermanwortschatzlebensmittelquiz1.htm

Food: French has a large bank of recipes for every occasion. Some of the articles too might be of interest to able students, eg this beauty tip: Nettoyez votre visage avec un jus de tomate. Il constitue un "decapant" leger qui acidifie la peau et la rendra plus satinee et plus belle. Rincez ensuite votre visage ... l'eau fraiche. Doublez d'une cure de tomates crues ... tous les repas . . . If they are not convinced, they can read all about chocolate instead. www.hc-sc.gc.cahpfbdgpsa onpp-bppnfood_guide_ rainbow_f.html is a page of information on nutrition presented in relatively simple language with a colour-coded chart. It can also be printed out as a pdf. For multiple choice quizzes see http:users.

skynet.beprovidencevocabulairefrancaisalimentali1.htm (general foods) and www.mathabos. comexeQa.php3?QaId=13 (fruit). For a word search, go to http:users.skynet.bebdmots and choose "Les aliments" from the drop down menu.

Food: Spanish

How can you tell a cooked from a raw egg? Why should green vegetables always be washed? The answers can be found at www.premiosveoveo.compvvtemplatescocinaindexindex.asp an attractive site with recipes (food and drink), nutritional information and tips on food preparation. www.premiosveoveo.comcosabesaludvitaminas.htm explains the importance of vitamins. Four animated fruits on

www.premiosveoveo.comcosabesaludfrutas.htm expand on the theme.

Music: French

www.tv5.orgTV5Sitemusiqueaccueil.php TV5 is the place to go for video clips of the latest hits from French artists together with words and biographies. Another source of lyrics and profiles is

Music: Spanish

www.terra.esociomusica offers news, biographies and videos sorted by category (pop and rock, hip hop, new talent...).

Music: German

www.laut.dewortlaut is crammed with news, interviews and hundreds of artist profiles. It also has brief genre guides on every musical style imaginable from techno, grunge, and rap to blues, jazz and classical. For lyrics, explore the huge bank at Use the search button (rather slow) or click on Auflisten for a list of artists. You have to register but it's free.


www.kindergesundheitsquiz.dequiz contains a nice little reading comprehension - match pictures of five medical instruments to their definitions. Students could also print out and complete the identity card or use the advice on calling emergency services as a stimulus for an imaginative role play. Click on Standard Dialogue Situations at www.linguaplan.delinguaweb1024lwtueindex.html for transactional dialogues and comprehension exercises covering travel, accommodation, eating out, money and introductions. is an online board game which tests vocabulary and basic grammar. The penalty for a wrong answer is to move back six spaces. Watch out, too, for the poisonous mushrooms.

Visit www.languagesonline. for lots of Hot Potato games (French, German, Spanish, Italian) from Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. The site also contains gap-fill and matching exercises and short texts with multiple choice questions.

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