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Themed vocabulary.

What the lesson is about

Many of the games in this collection have been supplied in adaptable formats, which will work with any language, helping pupils to practise basic phrases and themed vocabulary.

How to use it

A great game to revise common words is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? This version, supplied by Kamol, has been set up to test the past tense with avoir and -er verbs, but it can be adapted for any purpose.

Another well-known game, Deal or No Deal (A prendre ou a laisser), is the theme for a resource uploaded by jessbgirl. Teachers can place their own questions in the PowerPoint template.

Guess Who? is a great way to learn descriptive French vocabulary (pinkflutterby86), and can be adapted with authentic Spanish or German names for another language class. Fly me to the moon, uploaded by Hartlepoolmonkey, is an interactive quiz where two teams compete to see who can build their rocket first by answering questions correctly. Again, this is a blank template where teachers can add their own questions.

There are several games that cover specific themes. KGBInterpol has uploaded a bingo game using vocabulary for parts of the body, while rhawkes has supplied another Millionaire game focusing on this theme.

Fans of the popular Blockbusters game will enjoy this version based on rooms in a house (tgroskop), and there are a number of noughts and crosses-style games that focus on colours, pets, subjects and members of the family.

There are two Teachers TV videos that may prove useful, one of which includes a series of short dramatised clips to use as discussion starters, aimed at key stage 2 (upper primary).

Where to find it

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