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The last few weeks of term? I will survive

For those end-of-term days when leaving the sofa feels like too much effort, Twitter offers an incentive: #TeacherKaraoke

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For those end-of-term days when leaving the sofa feels like too much effort, Twitter offers an incentive: #TeacherKaraoke

It is almost the end of term. The sun is shining. The term has been long. There are only so many nature walks a person can take. Teachers everywhere are beginning to grow a little stir-crazy.

And how better to cope with heightened end-of-term emotions than with a karaoke session? So perhaps it is no surprise that a new hashtag, #TeacherKaraoke, has stormed Twitter with all the unstoppable force of a group of teenagers within quiff-sighting distance of Justin Bieber.

And so, for the past 24 hours, Twitter teachers have been indulging in an extended virtual karaoke session, tweeting classic songs with an idiosyncratically educational twist.

Some – inevitably – ended up focusing on workload:


I would mark 500 books and I would mark 500 more #TeacherKaraoke

— SputnikSteve:Because (@sputniksteve) 4 July 2017



Or... oops up Sats ahead said oops up Sats ahead

— Caroline Ash (@cazzash) 4 July 2017



I just want your extra time and your... SATs#TeacherKaraoke

— Fictional Teacher (@russellfiction) 4 July 2017


Others, meanwhile, chose to serenade the day-to-day practicalities of the classroom:


Smooth laminator #teacherkaraoke

— Rachel Rossiter (@rachelrossiter) 4 July 2017



Every glue stick you take (I'll be watching you) #teacherkaraoke

— dukkhaboy (@dukkhaboy) 4 July 2017


But why stop at the classroom, when you have the whole world of education in your hands? And so several teachers flicked through their virtual songbook for the ballads of education policy.


Cos You Gotta Have Faith (Schools) #TeacherKaraoke

— Beta Teacher (@Beta_Teacher) 3 July 2017


I wanna hold your hand (but we have a no touch policy)#TeacherKaraoke

— Not That Finch Again (@MrEFinch) 4 July 2017



Every test you take #TeacherKaraoke

— Martin Matthews (@mm684) 4 July 2017


But no schoolyard rock anthem would be complete without a tribute to the power of Michael Gove. Such is the former education secretary’s reputation – and handy rhyming surname – that teachers found themselves rocking along virtually to such timeless hits as Gove Is All Around You, I Like To Gove It, Gove It, Tainted Gove and Stop, In The Name Of Gove.

But the last word must surely go to the staffroom songster who looked at her own life and saw a 20th century intellectual pop-folk ballad:


I am just a deputy Though my story's seldom told I have squandered all my marking For a pocketful of levels Such are test results All lies

— Teach Talks (@TeachTalks) 4 July 2017


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