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'Last resort' for literacy;Letter

SINCE September I have run an after-school "writers' club" for a large group of children from my Year 6 class who need to improve their writing skills.

This group of 18 boys and girls stay in my own time, and theirs, for extra help with handwriting, spelling, composition etc. Their efforts have been rewarded and they are making good progress.

However the reason I felt a need to introduce this "crammer" session was because I know, despite my best efforts, I cannot give them the attention they need in school-time. Why not? Because like many key stage 2 pupils they are part of a class of 36. If the Government is serious about reaching the literacy targets it has set for 11-year-olds it needs to reduce class sizes for KS2 pupils as well as KS1.

Teachers would then be able to address individual difficulties some children experience at this vital stage in their education. After-school clubs are a last resort rather than a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Pat Downes

Gorsthill county primary school


North Wales

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