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Lasting landscape

Jane Devitt is a Year 3 teacher at Town Junior School, Sutton Coldfield I've lived in Sutton all my life and really appreciate having the park nearby. With its open space, heather and gorse, it feels like the countryside. We have always had annual school outings there during Tree Week and have a good relationship with the rangers, who sometimes come into school.

I knew there was a Roman road there, but had never seen it. Then my colleague Julie Lilly, who is responsible for environmental projects at school, received the Footsteps pack. The park is clearly a wonderful resource, especially for timeline work in history and local geography. Next term, I plan to follow up the First World War theme using the material and adding my own ideas.

I'm sure the children will always remember marching down that Roman road.

They loved going out for some hands-on history and it certainly helped them understand the meaning of archaeology. "Finding out about hidden things in the ground," as one put it. Now I must take my own children, who are 13 and 11, along the road too.

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