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Late but eager

I am a late-forties entrant to the teaching profession, about to complete a secondary school maths PGCE. I was greatly heartened to read that "teaching badly needs the experience of those who join the profession in their thirties or forties" (TES Platform, June 9). Unfortunately these sentiments are not, it seems, universal. I have completed more than 30 job application forms since January without, as yet, even the offer of an interview.

I have a degree in aeronautical engineering and have worked an as engineer in the Army, the RAF and as a civilian in Africa, Germany and the Middle and Far East. I have used the maths I teach in my work so I can relate classroom maths to the world at large, surely a way of bringing "boring" maths alive?

When I considered a career in education I thought, perhaps naively, that it was an opportunity to give back something to society from which I had gained so much. I am the son of a coal miner and grammar school opened up a full, interesting and rewarding life; I would like the chance to relay to others what can be achieved without being particularly gifted but by hard work and determination.

I am entering a profession at the age when many are considering leaving. However, I believe that there is a place for me, somewhere. I shall continue to fill in the forms.

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