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Latin lover improves literacy

A primary school in London is being funded to investigate how Latin can help pupils improve their English literacy skills.

Three charities, including the Esmee Fairbairn foundation, one of the largest independent grand-making foundations in the UK, have given a pound;9,000 grant to Bethnal Green primary in Hackney for the scheme.

Dr Lorna Robinson, a classics teacher from Oxford, will travel to the school three times a week to teach the pupils, who come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

She hopes to hold a conference later this year to present her findings on the pilot and explore its impact on literacy.

Dr Robinson previously set up the Iris Project, a scheme to increase the teaching of Latin in comprehensive schools. She said: "I believe Latin is providing a wonderful new aspect to these children's school curriculum and that they are being given a fantastic tool which will help them in the future with their English, history, and other disciplines."


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