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LEA Budgets 99-00;Briefing;Analysis


How to read the tables

Column 1 shows how much of the Government's increase in education spending has been passported to schools' budgets. (LSB is the total schools budget).

Column 2 shows the percentage of the education authority's total schools budget passed on to schools.

Column 3 is based on the last year's general school budget and adjusted to be the equivalent of this year's LSB to provide what the DFEE calls "a broadly-comparable figure for 1998-9" (but should be treated with care).

Column 4 shows the percentage change in the amount of funding per pupil delegated to schools in 1999-2000 compared with 1998-99.

Column 5 shows each authority's total schools' budget expressed in pounds per pupil.

Column 6 is the delegated funding per pupil (the difference between 5 and 6 is the amount held back by the authority).

Columns 7-8 cover the amount spent per pupil on the administration costs of the chief education officer and staff and officers responsible for a range of planning and regulatory functions. Column 8 includes support services, for example redundancy costs and school libraries which will be delegated to schools in 2000.

Column 9 is expenditure on special needs, including pupil referral units and educational psychologists.

Column 10 relates to the amount spend on preparing education development plans and the inspection and advisory service.

Column 11 is money spent on school meals (secondary meals to be delegated to schools in April 200), planning school places and admissions and attendance.

Column 12 is home-school transport.

Column 13 covers Standards Fund money and, for example, money from the Single Regeneration Budget or European Council grants.

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