Lead by example

Stephen Crowne (chief executive of Becta, the Government agency for technology in education) is right to promote the potential of technology in education (Comment, FE Focus, January 9) and demonstrate his concern over the slow uptake of e-learning by some providers.

But Mr Crowne suggests that senior management in FE should convince staff that information and learning technology will improve teaching and learning. So instead of making disparaging remarks about the experience of Stephen Jones (FE Focus, November 28) in what he refers to as an outmoded information technology suite (similar difficulties are experienced in state-of-the-art suites), perhaps he could work towards providing FE management with the necessary evidence-based research for the efficacy of information technology in learning and teaching. Maybe then, teacherslecturers would not need to be convinced of its effectiveness.

Robert B Smith, Lecturer in psychology and health studies.

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