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A leap forward for early years

I have always enjoyed Ted Wragg's columns, but feel that I must now correct an error he has made twice.

In October 2002 he asked: "Why aren't early-years teachers in deep angst?"

He was concerned for us over the introduction of the Foundation Stage Profile. He reiterates this concern in his first column of 2003 (TES, January 3) by saying that it is "utterly disgraceful" for early years teachers to "have to complete a 117-item profile on three to five-year-olds".

Thank you for your concern Ted. Put like that our job sounds horrendous! In fact the profiles, which I have been using since September, are user-friendly documents constantly updated with notes and observations on each child.

Yes, there are places to tick, but this is ongoing and falls in with normal observation, assessment, evaluation and review. Observation has always formed the basis of good early-years practice, and children have always had their own record of achievement. The profile is, at last, official recognition of this.

Agreed, tick boxes are a sticky issue. But not because they entail extra work. If the profile is run efficiently this will not be the case. The problem is those potential league tables!

So, thanks again Ted, but our workload hasn't been increased. In fact a valuable part of it has been given official recognition.

Sue Allingham 6 Wyndham Crescent Hounslow, London

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