Learners' views are ignored

Once again, in The TES this week Dennis Hayes fails to understand the views of learners on their own education (Online Debate with Dennis: Education for its own Sake - www.tes.co.ukfefocus).

The rising direct and indirect opportunity costs of education, particularly in further education, are bound to entrench attitudes in learners that produce a desire to see a return on the investment of their time and money.

Dennis could, as a result, have called for more state help for learners and attempted to understand learners' motivation and agency better - as we do and as Sir Andrew Foster recognises: "Learners will want to consider the opportunity cost of studying and will demand a more personalised, excellent service in return. Lessons can be learnt from the Danish model where the learner voice is a central part of self-assessment."

Instead, he insults learners by misunderstanding what little it is of what they say he chooses to hear.

Ellie Russell

Vice-president Further Education

National Union of Students

Centro 3

19 Mandela Street


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