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Three pupils give their views on how to make transport more environmentally friendly * Amy Cheeseman, 7, is in Year 3 at Marden Lodge primary school in Caterham, Surrey People should cycle everywhere. If they're going a long way they can screw up their eyes and pretend it's a car.

The Government should tell everyone not to use cars. They're useless, especially old ones. I only like sporty cars. I don't think you could use solar-powered cars - you'd get stuck in them because when the sun wasn't out they wouldn't work.

Children should live near to their school. I walk to school because it's only round the corner and there are short cuts to get there quickly. School buses are a really good idea too. The bus picks you up and takes you where you want.

In the future we should have space ships to travel in. I'd visit the moon in mine. But you couldn't go to school in a space ship or with a jet pack because there'd be nowhere to land.

I'd really like to see people use horses and dogs to get around. I really want a horse.

* Danny Harries, 8, is in Year 3 at Primrose Hill primary school in Camden, north London

The best way to get to school would be in a car that doesn't make pollution. I'd like a solar-powered car but it wouldn't work because it isn't very sunny here. I saw a man on television who'd made a car powered by water. He poured water in it and then did all this stuff to it to make it go. I'd prefer to get a water car over a normal one.

There's pollution because there are too many cars on the road. Buses are better because you can have 20 people on a bus but only one or two people travel in each car. Getting people to share cars is a good idea but some people don't want to share.

Using computers and the Internet instead of travelling to school or work is a good idea. I'd like to have my lessons at home with a teacher on a video screen because if the teacher was being annoying I could switch her off.

* Hamish Lowden, 10, is in Year 6 at Pinewood preparatory school in Bourton, Oxfordshire

We should all have solar-powered cars. They're really good - they don't have fumes like normal cars.

If we carry on using cars, cities will be hard to live in and the country won't be as nice as it is now. Sharing lifts to reduce the number of cars on the road doesn't work. If you wanted to go shopping, you wouldn't phone people up and ask them if they wanted to go too, would you?

The only way to stop people using the roads so much is to invent something which would fly but couldn't crash. It would have a laser out in front so when the laser hits something it makes the craft able to dodge it and it would never crash. There couldn't be as many crafts as we have buses because they'd cost a lot of money to make.

The best way to get to school would be in a car you had to pedal to generate electricity to make it run.

Children's Express is a programme of learning through journalism. Interviews by reporters Sinead Kirwan, 13, Ellie Harries, 11, Camille Noreiga, 13, Gabriella Gay, 12, and Duane O'Garro, 13.

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