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Learning difficulties

SECONDARY TRANSFER GUIDANCE. Hertfordshire County Council. pound;60 (pound;40 parents and Hertfordshire county council schools)

This pack provides pupils, staff, carers and professionals with tools to discuss, plan and represent a child's transfer from primary to secondary school. It is based on working with children with Down syndrome, but it would be of use to a wide variety of pupils. It outlines what meetings should happen and who should be at them, as well as helping develop a pupil profile, and providing basic support tools, such as visual timetables and pictures to discuss school transport. An accessible CD provides these, plus an introduction to secondary school video.

At times, this is a slightly superficial document (for example, it provides a specific learning profile for pupils with Down syndrome) and there is not always the space to explore fully an issue (for example, what visual props or clues are used to support learning). It misses certain options too - there is no picture of someone reading on the pupil self-assessment sheet - but it would do much of the thinking for users and reduce the chances of overlooking key issues (for example, arrangements for the management of menstruation). As a parent and practitioner, I'd be grateful for such forethought, particularly as there is plenty of best practice embedded within.

Jonathan Rix

Lecturer in inclusive education The Open University

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