Learning the logic of confusion

I am a principal teacher of support for learning. I manage seven other teaching staff and 11 support for learning assistants. I am currently completing the questionnaire which will deter-mine how my job is sized under the McCrone agreement.

I have been informed by Perth and Kinross Education and Children's Service that I cannot enter the 11 support assistants under the category "other staff" in spite of the fact that these assistants are wholly managed within my department. I have been assured by Perth and Kinross that this is a national and not a local decision.

I find it confusing, particularly as classroom assistants and auxiliaries are specifically mentioned within the explanatory notes on section 2.2 of the questionnaire. It seems unjust that a department of 18 managed people should be recorded as a department of seven managed people.

The logic of this and the apparent lack of justice confuses me. Is this the instruction other support for learning principal teachers have had? If so, it should be reversed.

Judith Moore Dundee Road Perth

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