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Learning is not equal to training

In "Be ruthless with failing trainers" (FE Focus, November 21), Joe Clancy reports that adult skills minister Ivan Lewis is urging funding chiefs to "close down work-based learning schemes which fail to deliver the goods".

But later in the same piece he refers to "work-based training".

I suggest there is a significant difference between work-based learning and work-based training. By definition, work-based learning is learner-led.

For the past 10 years my own university's national centre for work-based learning partnerships has pioneered schemes which enable anyone to get academic credit from a degree to a doctorate, on the basis of submitting learning from their work which can be assessed against academic criteria.

This seems different to work-based training which I associate with on-the-job training.

If more training schemes were designed with learning in mind, they might be more successful.

Dr Peter Critten Principal lecturer Middlesex university business school The Burroughs, London NW4

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