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Learning resource centre inspection

I am a teacher in charge of the school's learning resource centre, which houses the library and an ICT suite. I am not sure what inspectors will be looking for or what information I should be collating for them when they come to inspect us.

Famous last words, but I wouldn't be expecting you to collate anything special for the inspectors, who should be focusing the inspection following analysis of the school's self-evaluation. They won't routinely be tickboxing your book stock or even necessarily be counting the computers, but they might well want to ask about how ICT is accessed and used to support learning - particularly if, as is commonly the case, the school has either prided itself on recent investment in ICT or bemoaned the fact that its equipment is obsolete and it can't afford replacements.

Just be ready to answer any queries inspectors may have about how the resource centre supports pupils' learning, and maybe where you think it could be improved; but please don't feel slighted if the inspectors don't ask you anything at all. With the new-style inspections, inspectors don't have the opportunity to talk to everyone.

Selwyn Ward draws on many years of inspection experience in both primary and secondary schools, but the views expressed here are his own. To ask him a question go to

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