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Learning through experience

MINDSTORMS: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas. (Basic Books 1993 Pounds 8.95).

The first book (first published in 1980) where Papert argued that learning to communicate with computers can be a natural process, more like learning a language by living in the country where it is spoken rather than trying to learn it through the un-natural process of classroom instruction.

THE CHILDREN'S MACHINE: Rethinking school in the age of the computer (Basic Books 1993 Pounds 15.50).

Papert notes that most parts of our world have changed but not school. He looks at the reasons for the slow progress and establishes some principles.

THE CONNECTED FAMILY: Bridging the Digital Generation Gap (Longstreet Press 1996 Pounds 22.95).

Sadly this book, which was published in the US in 1996, has not been published here. It sparkles with ideas and delights in learning. It is about the home as a place of learning, about giving parents the confidence to have their own style of home learning. You can find out about Bricolage,Cyber-ostriches and Mathland!

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